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Filosofisk fredagsseminar, 5. oktober 2018

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--Bilde: A Modern Olympia, P. Cézanne (1874)--

Fredag den 5. oktober skal Dag August Schmedling Dramer, Master i filosofi fra IFIKK (UiO), holde høstsemesterets tredje Filosofisk fredagsseminar. Seminaret vil bestå av et foredrag på omtrent en time, etterfulgt av en pause på et kvarter, og avsluttes med en spørsmålsrunde på 30 minutter.

Sammendrag: My cat and I find ourselves in the kitchen. We are both endowed with excellent visual systems, eyes, that is, allowing us to take in the world in all its multifarious splendor. We perceive the table, the chairs, and the food, my cat and I, and as such, we can be said to perceive the same right? Not so fast, for if perception for us humans is dependent on culture, rationality, or both, then it seems that my cat and I cannot even be said to inhabit the experiential world in the same way, or rather, I as a encultured and rational being inhabit a world, whereas my cat simply respond to an environment. So is the experiential gulf long held to be unbridgeable by Western philosophers, still a thing even in todays exceptional findings in animal cognition studies? Join this Filosofisk fredagsseminar for an epic tour down perception lane, where the end goal of the journey is to find out whether we are warranted in talking about animals and humans as residing in different experiential spaces or not. What can it even mean to say that animals and humans inhabit the world differently? Where does the natural environment end and the cultural world begin? The talk will evolve around the thinkers of my Master Thesis, McDowell, Dreyfus, Gibson and McIntyre

Tid: 5. oktober 2018, kl. 18.15-20 Sted: Seminarrom 219, Georg Morgenstiernes hus Tittel: The Spaces of Human and Animal Perception Foredagsholder: Dag August Schmedling Dramer, Master i filosofi fra IFIKK (UiO)

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