Utgave: Pluralisme

Hannah Arendt and the Notion of Plurality

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In this article I argue that plurality becomes Arendt’s key concept both for the vita activa and for the vita contemplativa. I first present her understanding of politics that arises between men thus creating a space. This space is the common world where human beings can appear and experience their plurality. I then turn to Arendt’s critique of Cartesian introspection in order to illustrate the danger of “common-sense in retreat”. I continue with Socrates and his fundamental discovery of the implicit plurality existing when one is involved in the activity of thinking. Finally, I move to Arendt’s reading of Kant’s third critique, the Critique of Judgment and argue that our capacity to form opinions in the manner of aesthetic judgments, as taste, illustrate that not only thinking and plurality are related, also judging is rooted in human plurality.

Følgende artikkel ble opprinnelig trykket i Pluralisme (#2/2018) som et innlegg i spalten Fra forskningsfronten. Spalteartikkelen gjenpubliseres i nettformat for å sammenfalle med vår kommende utgave, Arendt (#3/2019), som blir tilgjengelig i begynnelsen av september. Informasjon om utgavens innhold annonseres snart!

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