Forfatter: Karen M. Nielsen

An Interview with Karen M. Nielsen

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——-Illustrasjon: Jenny Hjertaas Ljønes——–

Karen Margrethe Nielsen is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy and a Tutorial Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford. She received her PhD in 2006 at Cornell University with a dissertation on Aristotle’s theory of decision, supervised by Terry Irvin. Since then, she has published extensively on Aristotle, focusing especially on his ethical works. The topics of her research range from the role of principles in Aristotle’s ethics, to the reception history of the Nicomachean Ethics. In 2015, Karen Margrethe co-edited (together with Devin Henry) a volume entitled Bridging the Gap between Aristotle’s Science and Ethics, a collection of papers that explore to what extent Aristotle deploys scientific concepts and methods in his ethical works. I met Karen Margrethe at Somerville College Oxford to have a conversation on Aristotle’s ethics, touching upon topic such as Aristotle’s relevance today, the relation between practical wisdom and other forms of knowledge and his conception of vice.

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