Forfatter: Georges Rey

An Interview With Georges Rey

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While Noam Chomsky’s importance and influ­ence on contemporary philosophy is undeniable, Georges Rey, professor of philosophy at the University of Maryland, is troubled by Chomsky’s is unwillingness to accept all the implications of his own theories of language and mind. Specifically, Rey argues that Chomsky doesn’t appreciate his theories’ commitment to intentionality, or the way in which mental states are “about” things – speci­fically syllables, words, and sentences with elaborate syn­tactic structure.

Rey is currently on a Fulbright fellowship from the United States, at the Center for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN), writing his book Chomsky and Philosophy – Sifting the Insights from the Excess. In this interview Rey explains why he thinks Chomsky’s dismis­sal of various “mind-body” problems, particularly those surrounding intentionality, is an unnecessary excess, but that philosophers who are understandably put off by this excess shouldn’t let it get in the way of an appreciation of the deep insights a Chomskyan approach to linguistics has to offer.

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