Filosofisk fredagsseminar, 9. februar 2018

——Bilde: The Kiss, Gustav Klimt (1907-8)——

Forrige april forsvarte Monica Roland sin doktorgradsavhandling i filosofi, døpt What is Love?, ved Universitetet i Oslo–og fredag den 9. februar skal hun holde vårsemesterets første Filosofisk fredagsseminar. Tema for seminaret annonseres omtrent to uker i forveien. Seminaret vil bestå av et foredrag på omtrent en time, etterfulgt av en pause på et kvarter, og avsluttes med en spørsmålsrunde på 30 minutter.

One of the hottest topics in analytic philosophy right now is love. But how are we to understand this phenomenon? What is love? When asked this question, most people refer to the affective aspect of love; love is something that one feels for another person. Furthermore, most people seem to agree that love also has a motivational component; love and what we care about affect our motives and behavior. More controversial, however, is the idea that love is inherently moral, as well as the claim that love is responsive to reasons.

In this talk I will address these more controversial ideas and some of the arguments against them. I will defend the idea that love is a moral emotion; you cannot love someone without respecting them. Furthermore, I will argue that there are normative reasons for love; we have reasons to love some people over others.

Tid: 9. februar 2018, kl. 18.15-20
Sted: Seminarrom 219, Georg Morgenstiernes hus
Tittel: Love, Morality, and Reasons
Foredragsholder: Monica Roland, doktor i filosofi fra IFIKK (UiO)

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