Filosofisk fredagsseminar, 8. november, 2019

Fredag 8. november skal Sigurd Jorem, stipendiat ved IFIKK, UiO, holde høstens andre Filosofisk fredagsseminar. Tittel på seminaret er «Conceptual Engineering and The Granularity of What We Care to Preserve».  

Seminaret vil bestå av et foredrag på omtrent en time, etterfulgt av en pause på et kvarter, og avsluttes med en spørsmålsrunde på 30 minutter. Seminaret vil bli holdt på engelsk.

Tid: 8. november 2019, kl. 18.15-20
Sted: Seminarrom 219, Georg Morgenstiernes hus.



Strawson famously objected to Carnap that replacing a concept of ordinary discourse with one suitable for scientific inquiry is to change the subject. In this talk, I extract a general challenge to the practice of conceptual engineering from Strawson’s objection. I review existing responses to Strawson’s challenge and raise problems for them. I then provide an example-based argument to show that not every instance of conceptual revision constitutes an unacceptable change of subject. I argue that what we do not care to preserve the exact semantic properties of our concepts, nor all the functions they perform, nor even the topics they denote. What we care to preserve is sufficiently coarse-grained to allow for revision.

Tittel: «Conceptual Engineering and The Granularity of What We Care to Preserve»
Foredagsholder: Sigurd Jorem, stipendiat i filosofi ved IFIKK (UiO)

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